Hello Disneyland!

What is it about Disneyland that makes me keep wanting more? There is absolutely no logical reason for it and yet I can’t help but try to find every excuse to go back as often as possible.

I love the sounds, the smells, the rides, the nostalgia…you name it…it has my whole heart. And in the words of the famous Marie Kondo, we should only surround ourselves with that which brings us joy. So I go again and again and again and never seem to tire of the wonder.

Enter Savvy School Travels. Because I love Disneyland so much, I want to share that love with as many people that I can. So I created educational retreats to one of the most magical places on earth. This has allowed me to give kids and adults alike the opportunity to attend, when they otherwise thought it not possible by offering payment plan options and looking for the best deals out there that include park hopper passes as well as classes for the kids.

So tell me, what is it that you love about Disneyland so much? Is it the tasty treats, the characters, the shows? Or maybe you’ve never been before! Maybe you’re wondering what all this craziness is about. No matter which boat you sit in, let us help you find the excitement, magic and fun by joining us at our next Disneyland trip. See you at the parks!

July 30, 2019

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